The prince and the prostitute

Once upon a time, there were two orphans -- a boy and a girl. While they were still infants, they were separated. The boy was found by the king and queen of that land and brought into their court.

Years passed and the boy grew older, and being as the king had no natural-born children, the boy took his place as prince.

One day, in the king's court, the prince was approached by a beggar who claimed that he could take him to meet his sister, who was in grave danger. Not knowing that he had a sister, the prince was dismissive and rude.

"Guards, remove this man. He is a rambling idiot."

"You shall live her life for a time, then!" said the beggar, removing his beggars coat and revealing that he was a powerful wizard.

In that instant, the prince found himself transformed into a woman, chained in a dungeon right outside the castle gates. He was beaten, drugged, and raped by a man until he complied with anything he said. And he was prostituted by this man. He was raped and beaten again and again and again.

When some time had past, he turned back into himself just as the wizard has said.

"Do you know why I showed you your sister's life?" asked the wizard.

Having lived her life, the prince said "Yes. Thank you for showing me this. I have learned much. I have great wealth, a legion of soldiers at my command, and will one day rule this land -- but it was not enough. Thank you for revealing to me, my sister's life." "What are you going to do?" asked the wizard.

"I will become more grateful for what I have." the prince, responded.

And went back to his castle.


This story will be fulfilled the next time you meet a homeless man, woman, or child. The woman is likely -- and the child may even be -- a prostitute. But more than that, you will meet a brother or a sister you didn't know you had.

And you will be given a choice -- a choice you are given every time that you encounter the poor and the oppressed -- a choice that will define your character and your life. Will you prostitute the poor, using their poverty to make you feel better about what you have, or will you use what you have to alleviate their poverty?